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Can changing the topology of surface water initially hits change how much it splashes?

I would recommend making the vessel have a spiraling ramp sloping down on the side to convert the vertical flow of the water to a rotating whirlpool to convert potential energy to torque! This way you ...
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Why does Surface Tension Result in a Meniscus in a Tube

Start with a horizontal, flat solid surface. A liquid on the surface meets the solid at a contact point. The angle formed into the liquid at the contact point is called the contact angle. We say that ...
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Wind Load on conical structure

I have come across Ansys and tried to study it. I tilted the cylinder at 10 degrees and put 30 bar for the inlet. I tried to play around with the result and I found "forces pressure". I ...
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Wind Load on conical structure

This is as far as I managed to get to unfortunately, I wouldn't use these numbers without a validation test but I ran some simulations between 0 and 440 ms^-1 at the inlet to generate a rule which I ...
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