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I found the Grundfos UPS15-58FC Super Brute three-speed circulator pump spec sheet that has a bit more information on the NPSH. The spec sheet doesn't specifically say, but it is likely that these minimum values are the rating for the top speed of the pump. If you application can handle the lower flow, use the lower speed setting of the pump, which results ...


Rotary screw and scroll , neither uses centrifugal force. Sullair Co. makes both and other types of compressors . Their website should have more information.


If the screws look like a pair of thick and long interlocking archimedes screws, then the device is called a rotary screw compressor. You can think of it as a special case of a roots blower, where the interlocking lobes on the lobe shafts possess a spiral twist. By making the lobe depth progressively shallower along the length of the screws, the working ...


Figure 1. A scroll compressor. Image credit: Cacycle.

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