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How do I find out which compressor would fulfill my volume flow rate requirements based on Free Air Delivery as the only volume flow rate given in the catalogue? Calculate the mass flow rate of air given your required duty. You can do this by looking up or calculating the density of air, $\rho_\text{out}$, at your outlet conditions ($300 \space \frac{\...


If we follow your assumption, ignoring friction. We calculate for a Torque to produce an angular acceleration of 1200/5 per second. $$T=\alpha L \ = \\1200/5*2\pi*l= 753.98*0.333*5*9.8=12,302.7Nm $$


That is on the high pressure end of normal pneumatic conveying blowers, but they are out there. See the notice at the bottom of the attached chart. You don't want a high pressure compressor, you just need to find the right compressor that will deliver at 18 psi. You need to specify if the ...


Here is the cheap way to proceed. First, find you a battery-powered weedeater that is second-hand, or a discard. disassemble and test the motor for operation. If it operates, now you have a generator that has almost exactly the right power output for your application, because in its previous lifetime it was a motor in the same application as the little gas ...

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