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Constructive examples for heat transfer into pivoted components

The mechanism you are looking for is called a rotary union. To have a closed loop system you would need a Dual-Flow Rotary Union also called a Multiple Passage Rotary Union. It looks like this is ...
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estimating the surface area of a steam coil immersed in a tank

One thing you must include is the heat loss from vessel unless it is insulated. your equation should be something like as follow: Total energy needed = Energy given by steam + Heat loss from vessel ...
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Maximum rate of heat transfer in Effectiveness NTU method for a heat exchanger

We use $\Delta T_{max}$ because it is the difference between the warmest and the coldest temperatures in the system. An infinite counter flow heat exchanger would approach that, but this is an upper-...
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What is the maximum temperature that could be achieved by a heat-pump and will it affect its efficiency?

I think if you make a nano composite of aluminum and graphene you may have your material. Good luck
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Heat calculation with non-constant specific heats

If $c_p$ isn't constant, integrate the equation with respect to temperature $$Q = m \int_{T_0}^{T_1} c_p(T) \, dT$$ Sometimes you can find the integral quantity tabulated for you, so you don't ...
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Where can I find thermal conductivities of low carbon steels, i.e., AISI 1020 Steel in 8th edition of Perry chemical engineering handbook?

You might try Marks Handbook Of Mechanical Engineering, or a web search. in 5 seconds I got: 1020 steel also has a thermal conductivity of 360 BTU-in/(hr-ft2-F), a thermal expansion rate of 6.6110-6 ...
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How much coal is needed to generate electricity for 1 person?

That looks complicated. I keep a few numbers in my head for "that sounds about right" calculations. For oil I use 10 kWh/kg. Coal is about 2/3 of that, so 6.7 kWh/kg. For coal steam plant ...
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