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Measuring Pressure of a Press Machine

The press operates at around 16,000 lbs of force to get around 1000 - 1500 psi. $\frac {16000}{1000} = 16 \ \mathrm{in^2}$ $\frac {16000}{1500} = 10.7 \ \mathrm{in^2}$ Install an analog pressure ...
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Measuring Pressure of a Press Machine

Measure the pressure in the fluid applying pressure to the piston, then convert for the piston area and object area.
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Darcy-Weisbach: Static or Total Pressure?

Loses due to friction take some of the energy from the fluid, which can generally affect both static as well as dynamic pressure. With imaginary pipe with inlet in reservoir higher than outlet, where ...
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How to 'normalise' the effect of temperature on pressure to determine an accurate leak rate

The Nondestructive Testing handbook (vol 2, Leak Testing) published by ASNT, and various other sources, have equations for this. But they are ultimately based on ideal gas law. The mass change over a ...
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