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This colander was definitely not CNC machined, it was injection molded. Without being able to inspect the part closely, I will guess that the shutoffs (the open spaces between the plastic ribs) were formed by a retractable feature in the mold which presses against the mold core during the injection process, and then is pulled away from the core when the mold ...


It turns out my mother in law has one! It’s printed on the underside The red numbers are printed the same way as those on the sides of the jug, and then a layer of white paint is applied on top of that in order to provide contrast when viewing from the top.


Looks like pretty routine machining for the steel molds ,probably with a CNC to speed it up. I doubt it is complex enough to need side actions in the molds, only ejector pins to push the the solid plastic part out of the mold. If you want to see clever machining , look inside a sewing machine, some parts do not seem to have a straight, flat surface anywhere ...

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