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What is the shear force at point B? Is it +P or -P or zero? I am not able to find any source that gives the right information

Shear is zero at where it crosses the reference axis. See the example below.
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How is the number of memebers in a truss calculated?

There are n nodes. Each connects to all the others, so n-1 connections to each node. But if node A is connected to node B then member AB is the same as BA so you've counted each member twice. Hence /2....
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Are there structural (or code) reasons for choosing longer or shorter beam spans (besides bending moments, and ignoring cosmetics)?

As a rule of thumb, a longer span is usually preferred, the primary reason is "costs" - shorter spans will require more support/abutment, thus foundations. The construction of those ...
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How much of a QR code needs to be covered to be unreadable?

This depends entirely on the scanner. The position control points contain no data, a scanner could conceivably be designed to read a QR code with none of them visible, some scanners may require the ...
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