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Calculating the plastic section modulus, Z, of an arc of a circle

The definition of the plastic modulus is that $$ ZF_y=M_p $$ where $M_p$ is the moment developed by the fully plastic section. A very crude diagram of this would be You need to find a depth $h$ such ...
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Pumping water from under concrete slab basement

It is the most practical one, better than breaking a lot of cement and making a sump pit. As for trying not to wash the clay off, you submerge your pump in a cavity lined with coarse sand and a layer ...
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Beam deflection for FEA model validation

First step is just a cantilever a long by 2c deep. Hopefully that is somewhat stiffer than your FEA and you can easily check that by fixing the cantilever at the left hand end in the FEA. The other ...
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Why does/doesn't this structure qualify as a truss/frame?

My perspective on this is no. You may have two members that are connecting the two joints, but in a mathematical sense, those two members would be combined together to simplify the problem. With only ...
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Why does/doesn't this structure qualify as a truss/frame?

From my perspective this qualify as a frame, but not as a truss (provided the green circles are intended as pins). Trusses and Frames differ from a structural point of view in two aspects: ...
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