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What is the most accurate mathematical model of a cantilever beam's bending?

Your question is quite broad. Accuracy depends a lot on the context, so I'll caveat my response by noting that the below is valid only for completely linear-elastic materials (no plastic behaviour ...
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What is an appropriate way to compare the impact properties between a plastic and a metal?

Usually the problem is that alluminum alloys can come with different heat treatments/thicknesses which can significantly change their impact properties. For example the following table is from the ...
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Economical difference with high-pressure vessel design pressures for fixed volume

The most economical solution would be to parametrically search for the cheapest cylinder that will provide the required volume of gas (when discharged to a minimum pressure of 750 psi, as per your ...
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What is the best pattern of lightening holes to drill vertically (i.e. along the transverse plane) through a rod of aluminum

An axial hole. That is why prop shafts on cars and trucks are hollow. Even the transmission shafts between tractor to device, driven by the pto (power take off) are also hollow. Some are not round, ...
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Is there any material that has a higher kinetic friction than static friction?

The numbers for static and kinetic friction in aluminum-on-aluminum interactions, cited by @albseb back in 2016, are unreliable. Strangely though, they're the only published values. I'm a physics ...

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