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I solved the problem - turns out it was a much simpler oversight. The analytical solution is only valid in so far as the wall temperature is initially homogeneous at some reference temperature. The temperature distribution used in the integration is therefore the temperature relative to this initial reference state (i.e. T = T_current - T_ref). After making ...


A couple of comments: As a general recommendation, you should not include components like motors in a finite element analysis. You should only include the components for which you are interested in calculating the internal stresses. If you include the entire motor bodies you are not only adding unnecessary computation time but you are most likely adding ...


This Plate is simply supported. You may find the deflection of the plate by using simple beam theory in this particular case. If this doesn't work for you, you may also check Timoshenko theory of plates and shells.


Assuming your sketch has been drawn to scale, it won't be easy to make a hand calculation of the location of the shear center. The challenge is not the use of two different materials but that the usual assumption of a thin-walled cross section won't be very accurate. If you need the accurate location of the shear center, you will pretty much have to use a ...

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