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Q: Could you siphon an 10 meter tall water column?

This question might be better suited for this stack. In the physics stack, I posted about a question about siphoning. An 10 meter tall cylinder is ...
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How can I create a small pump that can pull fish to a higher elevation without killing them?

(for the record, I already attempted to ask this in the physics stackoverflow) I'm attempting to create something similar to a vertical multi-siphon. The device would pull water from multiple sources,...
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I need a valve siphon or device to empty a boat that doesnt need a battery or power

Maybe something cool actually exists. Something clever. I was actually thinking of an hydraulic ram but im not sure it's a good idea. Another thing i saw was a one-way check valve. Would this work?
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How to quickly equalize pressure in a low pressure container?

Background: This is for a science project I'm creating where I use an airpump connected to a sealed 5gal pail bucket to create a vacuum. That vacuum is then connected to water source to "suck" liquid ...
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Automatic siphon above max height

The soil in my area has a very thick clay content (apparently left behind by glaciers, damn ice age). Because of this drainage in my yard is horrible. I've put in some underground drainage (french ...
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How to stop water flow in a siphon?

I have assembled a small DIY drip-irrigation system for my terrace garden. Please have a look at the attached image. I switch on a small pump to start the drip-irrigation system and then switch it off....
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How to protect a pressure gauge from condensation in a vacuum steam boiler?

Pressure gauges are protected from steam condensation in a regular boiler by using a siphon where steam condenses and prevents steam from going further up to the gauge. However in a vacuum steam ...
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Help with hydraulic design

I made a waterfall hoping to use water as a piston for suction. I'm wondering if some of you could help explain why it's not working the way I was expecting. This is the basic design: I have a 4 ...
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