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Capture an Impulse (As Opposed to an Impulse Response)

I want to see if there's a method by which you could capture the characteristics of an impulse source, rather than the response of the system to the impulse. Normally, when attempting to capture an ...
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Replicating an impact impulse

I am building a test-rig for a device. I have operational data showing the device experiences impact loads resembling a half-sine pulse with width dt and magnitude F. The test rig's purpose is to ...
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Can the fragility of ceramic armor be avoided by creating ceramic material with little to no defects?

Sorry if the question is wrong/confusing but this is because the subject is confusing, especially when you don't have a degree in engineering/materials science. Ceramic armor usually breaks upon ...
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Testing specimens by dropping a ball on them and counting the number of drops required before the collapse. A better way?

A huge number of specimens are built. For each specimen, soil is mixed with cement (and Zeolite) with different percentages. It's intended to test, measure and compare the impact strength of the ...
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How does an impact driver convert the lateral motion of the spring expansion, into rotational force?

It seems to be that the consensus behind impact drivers is that when the tool stalls, the hammer camms off the anvil, picks up speed turning 180 degrees, and then the moving hammers strike the anvil, ...
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Can someone please explain how impact is absorbed?

I am unable to understand how springs and shock absorbers absorb impact. So it would be great if someone could explain how impact is absorbed; and if it could be used to protect someone's leg from ...
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Bending stress wave resulting from a lateral impact on a beam

I want to approximate a bending stress wave resulting from a lateral impact on a beam which is on one end fixed. According to Roarks 16.3-3 I can estimate a compressive stress wave from one mass ...
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How do you estimate the energy of an impact?

I am trying to determine the energy of elastic stress waves generated in a solid by an impact. I have a time domain waveform from a piezoelectric transducer that was placed next to the impact site, as ...
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Does hitting an obstacle hard enough to break it actually reduce self harm?

Lets say that Car-A hits barrier that is fixed to immovable posts on either side of the road. The car's momentum is such that the barrier absorbs the impact and the car comes to a near instantaneous ...
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Vibration following an impact

This high-speed video shows a cymbal's response to impact. I'm interested in how the observed vibration relates to the modes and frequencies that an eigenvalue vibration analysis would predict. My ...
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How to calculate beam impact problem

Can anyone help with this Impact problem? It does not seem very difficult but I am having trouble putting all the parts together. Thanks,
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How effective are screen protectors?

Screen protectors are supposed to protect your devices from nicks and scratches, as well as the stress of impacts which might otherwise lead to cracks or shattering. The fundamental principle behind ...
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Why do some metals with bcc structure show ductile-brittle transition in charpy impact test?

I was learning about the charpy impact test and came across the graph on this webiste that shows the impact energy for bcc and fcc structures as a function of temperature. I tried searching for an ...
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How to create a mechanical equivalent to dropping object onto steel floor

(I was informed on the Physics board that this is an Engineering question, therefore they closed it there, and I moved it here) First, I have next to zero formal physics training... I opted for all ...
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Half Sine Impulse in a modal Transient Analysis

I have a MDOF FEM model in which I perform a modal transient analysis based on the modal eigenfrequencies extracted in a prior step. I wish to excite only the first natural frequency of the system via ...
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Is a single large impact better than several small impacts for breaking ice

I'm designing a device that uses impact to remove ice from sidewalks. I have a question about how to best design the impact mechanism. I can design it to deliver several light impacts or fewer harder ...
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Does the surface roughness play any role in shock absorbing?

Consider a mass of about $130 \pm 10 $ kg, falls from height, let say $2.5 $ m. In order to dampen the vibration and sound, I use silencer or drop pads. I was wondering if introducing the macroscopic ...
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