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Is nonlinear control slower than linear control?

"Linear" imposes a set of restrictions. "Non-linear" simply means there are no restrictions. Many non-linear control schemes can be faster than linear ones. Linear control schemes are restricted to ...
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Minimal realization of a MISO system

One way of doing this is using the Kalman decomposition. For this you need the reachable and unobservable subspaces. These subspaces can be constructed using the image of the controllability matrix ...
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Why is it impossible to create an observer for this not fully observable system?

Observability means that you can estimate the complete state using only the output, without knowing the initial state. In other words, you have to figure out where you are without knowing where you ...
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Controllability of $x' = Ax + Bu(t)$ implies controllability of $\left \{ \begin{matrix} x' = Ax + By \\ y'=u(t) \end{matrix} \right.$

The solution is fairly straightforward. Short answer The system is controllable without any modifications. You made a small mistake calculating the new controllability matrix: you are missing the ...
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designing compensator with certain specification

If you do not meet both requirements, you designed the wrong compensator. If we take a look to the root locus figure of the compensator you designed we see that the poles (pink dots) are not in the ...
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how are larger leadscrews (14mm diameter and up) fixed in place?

Maybe at home in your basement you might use a pillow block, but I don't think you would use something as slip shod as a set screw on an acme leadscrew in industry. Set screw going into an acme thread ...
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Quality of the transient response for an arbitrary transfer function

Those are parameters on time domain, so calculate them in spectrum domain (laplace or fourier) is almost impossible. So, you should apply inverse Laplace transform to get the solution in time domain, ...
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Feedback Control Question: Finding compensator numerator (B(s)) and denominator (A(s)) polynomials to satisfy a specific requirement

your question is ill-conditioned: If $A$ must have a higher degree than $B$, 2 things can happen: $A$ is a constant, meaning $B$ must be 0: which means you cannot solve the equation as there is no $s$ ...
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How to design the right input to obtain a desired output for a linear system?

You can design an asymptotic output tracker based on feedback linearization if the residual dynamics are stable. The theory for this can be found in the book 'Nonlinear Control Systems' by Isidori [...
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