I'm trying to place this blue helical sine wave around the helix (which I already thickened) that is wrapped around an ellipsoid but I just can't make it work. What I'm trying to create is that body which I have created first but with wavy grooves along the outer edges of the helix.

I created the helix using the helix command with a variable pitch (pitch & revolution). Then I created the helical sine wave using equation driven curve command. All I've done so far is change the parametric equations randomly because I'm bad at calculus. Also, I have to follow an equation but it is explicit and not parametric but this plot of the parametric equation almost looks exactly what it should be.

I have just started using Solidworks last week so I'm not that familiar yet with most of the commands and features. I hope someone can give me an idea on how to solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

enter image description here


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Try using the following equations

  • X(t) = 2* t* cos(3*t)
  • y(t) = 2* t* sin(3*t)
  • z(t)= 4 *t

You can change the parameters in the above equations.

More specifically Changing the:

  • 2s and the 3s in the first two will change the rate that the circle of the helix grows
  • 4 will change the spacing of the helix

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