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Asic Designer. Interested in supporting computing activities in schools.
All posts are my own opinions, and do not reflect the views of my employer.

I'm available, in a volunteering capacity, to support education events around the Cambridge area, provided these are STEM focused, and involve specific technical activities or relate to 'typical careers and working conditions' in engineering and technology.

I'm thinking about writing a series of blog posts centred around the 'Performing Engineering Operations Level 2' NVQ qualification. There doesn't seem to be much good source material, the teaching (of assessed knowledge) is poor, and the questions asked for assessment have no real answers at all.

I'm also desperate to drag the pre-university teaching of electronics and computing way from 1970's hardware examples. I see students today learning with NE555, and 7805 - these components are as old as me, and are much less likely to be the correct choice. There are questions about pre-forming components - components are, in the main, now designed for automated pick-and-place, not wire-wrap and hand assembly.

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