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I'm mainly a developer for a small (but great) company called "Team One Developers" in Stuttgart, Germany. I am Kai Klostermann, and work primarily on the web front end. Currently, SSR frameworks like Gatsby and Next.js keep me busy. Generally, I'm profound in Design Systems and Web-Performance. I'm trying to learn Rust and WASM. I joined tech in 2010, only to find my profession as a software developer three years later.

When I'm not writing code, I enable people! I am getting more and more into DevRel, speaking, writing, and teaching - for my employer, but also LinkedIn Learning.

I organize the WebDevBBQ in Stuttgart together with David Lorenz. It's a community of web-people gathering once in a while to present and discuss the hottest topics. Find out more on our page.

Besides letting arrows fly, I love mechanical keyboards and chess. I cycle a lot and dislike car-centric infrastructure and -culture.

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