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Do solar cells age? Why, and how?
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The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) estimates something like 0.4%-1% degradation per year for solar panels. I don't know what the chemical action is here (the electrical result being an increase ...

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Do liquid hydrogen-based cooling devices exist and what are they used for?
6 votes

Gaseous hydrogen is often used to cool the large generators in power plants. "Hydrogen’s low gas density, high specific heat, and high thermal conductivity" are listed in the GE link as the major ...

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Does a Faraday cage effectively act as a notch filter?
4 votes

First, here's a great answer to a similar question on the physics.SE. I will attempt to summarize it a bit and tune it to your question, but I think that all of your answers are already in that thread ...

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How is the wattage of an incandescent light fixture determined?
3 votes

The rating on the fixture itself, as opposed to the bulb you put into it, is a safety rating. Above the fixture's rated wattage, the fixture will be unsafe. This will probably be due to heat issues ...

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How to correctly size the blades for a small educational wind turbine?
2 votes

Try to cut a few from balsa wood to see what you get. Experimentation is probably the best method on such a small scale, and the math won't get you very far without an extensive knowledge of the ...

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