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I never finished college. I got lost somewhere and couldn't put together all the pieces. It all began to fall apart when I suddenly faced that memorizing and repeating things could not take me any further which has been so all along but I kept it to myself. Now that I am getting old, I suffer from all that pinned up complicated long period of the past, learning ( which wasn't learning) from the wrong view, the view of being or becoming somebody and not be left out and measure up.

I am almost at the age of retirement and strangely I am fascinated for the first time with science and I mean with science of everything. And this does come with a price, the price is a hidden attitude. It is a force that its expression takes the following format: " If you can't explain and whatever it may be to a 12 year old, you yourself don't truly undertand it. Don't hit me with abbreviations and big words and don't tell me if I don't understand a particular term, I better not mess with whatever it is and call a professional".

But nowhere this attitude comes out and with full pedal the floor and no brakes mind you but in the world of computer science abstraction. Science of abstraction that claim to be real. Out with physics with its precise agreed up language and meanings. Computer science where the physics of electricity and all its terms is nothing and is not real, where 0s and 1s and logic and data, and file and all other abstractions are at its core. What is sent and recieved by computer are files through empty space at speed of light and where computers make decision, evaluate, judge, watch, get virus, get corrupted and much much more.

And here I am, I have to deal with this guy. :-)

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