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Large deflection of a cantilever beam with distributed normal load
Accepted answer
4 votes

For large deformation, there are changes to the strain-displacement relation and vertical equilibrium, but horizontal equilibrium remains unchanged. Let N be the axial force and M the bending moment, ...

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FEM modal analysis computing displacements
3 votes

As modal analysis is performed in the frequency domain, your modes and amplitudes are also in the frequency domain.The modal amplitudes ($q_i$) are scaled by the same amount as the applied load. If ...

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Easy nonlinear model for large deformation of a beam
2 votes

A similar question has been asked on the site with an answer posted here which shows the defining differential equations for large deformation of a beam. The question was posed for uniform loading ...

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Dynamics of structures: combined plane stress and plane strain conditions
1 votes

In order to incorporate both plane strain and plane stress in your model the stiffness and material properties should not be changed. The only difference is how you define element stiffness matrix. ...

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