Marco Castro

I believe that the ideas and philosophies that change the world can be found even in the simplest place, a place no one would look, in a graffiti under a bridge for example.

I'm a first generation Electrical Engineering student and passionate advocate of science. I am confident that we are living in the right moment to explore and push the limits of what it means to be human throughout the development of new senses and technologies through which humans can interact with our surroundings in ways we have never done before, leading us to become a more peaceful, emphatic and thoughtful civilization.

I'm a first generation Mexican student who is interested in Hardware Engineering, Signal Processing, Brain Computer Interfaces, Digital Systems Design and Electronics design. During my years as undergraduate student I've had the chance to work in different areas of Electrical Engineering and I have designed, tested and built multiple projects such as a Robotic Arm controlled by movement, PCB board design (schematic design, simulation, cad design, PCB milling via CNC, test bench and part assambly).

I have also worked with, and designed, multiple types of signal filters and even built an EKG given a design. Also had the opportunity to design and build Variable Power Supply converting the 120V AC signal into a steady 0V-12V DC power supply for electronics. I also have experience using test bench lab equipment such as Oscilloscopes, Wave Generators, different kinds of Multimeters and Power Generators as well as experience with Multiple software platforms such as MATLAB, Multisim, LabVIEW, multiple CAD platforms such as Eagle and AutoCad, WaveForms and more.