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Unable to understand minimum length of engagement for bolts
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The minimum length of engagement ist the length of engagement that (computationally) will ensure that overtightening the screw will snap the screw, and not strip the threads. The external and internal ...

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Protecting heat-sensitive media from fire: fire-safe + Thermos?
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Radiative heat transfer will be quite high in a house fire, so not every construction made for 100°C temperature differences will be applicable here- look for constructions that have glowing-metal ...

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why do 15kV 60mA transformers have to be so big?
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Voltage and Current multiply to give power. 15kV times 60mA is the same as 60Volt times 15 Amps (=900 Watts) You would not expect that to be a tiny thing, would you? And that power is without ...

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