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The process of creating three-dimensional objects out of plastic or other materials using a device similar to a printer.
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For questions regarding control schemes driven by adaptive controllers such as adaptive pole placement control, model reference adaptive control etc.
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Acronym for "Analog-to-Digital Converter". Refers to a device that can convert an analog input signal to a digital signal. Use this tag for questions about the usage or design of an ADC.
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the primary branch of engineering concerned with the research, design, development, construction, and testing of aircraft and spacecraft.
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For questions about how certain features of an aircraft affect its performance and function, such as engine type or wing configuration.
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Questions about the control, measurement and regulation of air contaminants impacting public health and/or visibility. Do not use this tag for questions specific to greenhouse gases and climate impact…
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Questions about the application of anaerobic digestion processes for biogas recovery, waste treatment and other engineered systems.
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Questions about using applied mechanics to model engineering problems.
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Questions specific to AutoCAD, as opposed to general computer-aided drafting and design issues.
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Questions about the theory and applications of structural elements designed to resist bending.
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