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This is a very easy problem to solve. Just do two things: 1) make the separate branches identical geometry, and 2) make the diameter of the main manifold pipe large enough so that there isn't too much pressure drop in the manifold. By too much, make it the same percent drop as the percent difference you can allow in the flow rate of the separate segments. (...


If the head pressure is any more than just adequate, the problem is very easy. Just ensure that the bottleneck is near the points of exit, that they are of equal diameter and approximately the same elevation. If those conditions are met the flow rate will be very nearly identical among the outlets, regardless of the configuration and lengths of pipe leading ...


You can support equal distribution by clever piping design (the manifil significantly larger thabn the individual pipes, short distances in the manifold between the branches, have the branches by highly similar) but ulimtely you will need some sort of flow control. I assume the following: flowrate is constant medium is water without any fish (yet9 the flow ...


Even if you had matching orifices, you might have issues with the pressure drop inside the pipes and corners. If you are really after matching flow rates, you could look into flow control valves/flow regulator.

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