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What does it mean for an item's tensile strength to be "rated"?

"Rated" means it has been proof-tested by an independent lab (like UL or CSA) according to a published standardized test protocol invented by a standards organization (like ASTM) and ...
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Steel cable trolley, best practices and weight limits

As a rough estimate The tension in a cable suspended between two supports, T, is $$ T= w/2*l/2\delta $$ T =tension in cable w = weight, 200 lbs $\delta$ = deflection at the middle of the cable, say 2 ...
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How to solve statically indeterminate pulley?

This really depends on how the tension is applied at the end of the rope. More specifically, there are two (basic) cases: rope is inextensible rope is extensible (acts like a spring). In most cases, ...
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