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I think that neither of your solutions is correct. a) you are assuming that the volumetric strain is zero. However, if there is a change of volume then the volumetric strain can never be zero. Also, in that scenario, I am a bit uncertain what is $\varepsilon_d$. Is it deviatoric strain or is it strain perpendicular to the longitudical direction and due to ...


I'm trying to understand what it means by dimensional stability. Both beams highlighted are engineered. So without having more detail information, which one is more stable dimension-ally?


Yes, the three elements must be at least analyzed to determine if a size increment is required. The left column will be subjected to a bending action induced by P thus increasing the requirements on is stifness. At the same time the beam element will be subjected to not proper bending but axial compression that might result in an unstable behaviour, the ...


Assuming your beam-column connections are fixed and column- support connections pinned and the length of the columns L and the length of the beam S and lateral load p: The frame will deflect to the left a little and the two joints will rotate counterclockwise a bit. Due to symmetry at equilibrium, the two columns have to support a moment of (1/2p)/L and an ...

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