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Stainless steel has an average life expectancy of about 50-100 years. Look no further than the two most famous stainless steel monuments, the St. Louis arch and Chrysler building. While Chrysler is made of a high nickel/chrome alloy than most. The Arch is a great example, Upclose it's kinda dingy after 50 years. Inspections show it to be structurally sound ...


Strictly speaking, very few metals are "stable" in terms of the laws of thermodynamics. True chemical stability is when the atoms are in their lowest energy state. For most metallic elements, various oxides, sulfides, and chlorides are lower energy states than the pure or alloyed metal. This is why corrosion occurs in the first place--the atoms ...


It depends on the environment , relative to corrosion. Sea water is relatively corrosive to most metals, but again ,it depends. Splash zone is vey aggressive, low oxygen at great depth is relatively benign. What do you want the answer to be ?

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