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You've calculated the Euler buckling force, not the compressive strength. The part of the code you want is EN 1993-1-1 section 6.3.1, which specifies how to account for imperfections and safety factor in order to calculate the allowable load. The size of the imperfections depend on whether the profile is cold formed or hot finished and the relevant safety ...


Sue, but I'd suggest getting a lawyer, or at least consulting with one. Mostly because lawsuits can hinge on seemingly the stupidest little things. I'm not even sure you want to bring up the fact that the posts are inadequate -- it should be enough that they are not what's stipulated in the contract. If you do bring it up, I'm pretty sure (and a lawyer ...


The incorrect posts are weaker as it is the dimension perpendicular to the fence which is critical. It sounds like you have a breach of contract here so you should ask them to replace with the originally specified posts without further charges to you.


The thinner section (38mm) was not as strong as the post originally specified (68mm sq.). This has allowed the wind loading (guess) to cause the fence to fail.


You can do - the process called "bumping". You can see how it works - with the backgauge of the press brake you push the metal and perform a lot of bends. This is the process to make light poles in industry. You will never get small diameters as 1 inch.

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