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At what temperature do I risk altering the structure of steel?

In my experience, most steel can be heated to 800f without changing the properties. Anything above 800f can change the properties of the material.
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Buckling length of continuous steel H columns in multi story buildings

It depends on the nature of connections with beams. I suggest you review a text in structural stability. Because depending on the end conditions, you get different effective lengths that govern the ...
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Steel cable trolley, best practices and weight limits

As a rough estimate The tension in a cable suspended between two supports, T, is $$ T= w/2*l/2\delta $$ T =tension in cable w = weight, 200 lbs $\delta$ = deflection at the middle of the cable, say 2 ...
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Designing a tea strainer: Plastic vs stainless steel

The behavior you're observing with your plastic tea strainer prototype is likely due to the difference in material properties between the plastic and stainless steel, specifically their densities and ...
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