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How long a spiral copper tube would need to be in a monotube boiler in order to achieve 0.02 kg of steam per second?

I'm not going to answer your question, because no wall thickness or length of tube will meet your needs. Coiled copper is for cooling something, not for making steam. You can cool hot water by ...
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Which has more density: 100 °C steam or 100 °C dry air?

There's an air of 'lmgtfy' about this question... Wolfram Alpha is a great resource for quickly finding information like this. You can see that the steam is significantly less dense than the air, at ...
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Compressed air instead of steam in a steam engine, would that allow powered flight?

In theory, there's no reason it couldn't have worked at all. The engine part of a steam engine wouldn't really know or care that whether the high pressure gas you ran though it was steam or ...
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Any real heat engines based on the Carnot cycle? (or an equally efficient cycle)

In the Carnot cycle, there are no loss mechanisms and no temperature gradients anywhere. Commonly-used thermodynamic heat engine cycles are intended as real-world approximations of the Carnot cycle, ...
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Any real heat engines based on the Carnot cycle? (or an equally efficient cycle)

The Carnot cycle is a theoretical cycle and, as such, no practical exngine exists based on this cycle. This is one of the many reasons that this cycle is used to compare real or practical engines for ...
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What is the efficiency of Solar energy run turbines? Are they better or worse than Solar PV cells?

Less than 31.25% when going to electricity per wikipedia. (If you just needed heat for heating a room, it's a different story- 80% is not unheard of, but you'd be doing well to get half that into ...
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