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A very easy way is to attach it to a reducing gear, a gear with more teeth. You would choose the radius of the reducing gear like this. If your output is usually 10% above desired speed, we choose $$R_{final}=\frac{R_{initial}}{0.93}$$ Note we did not choose 0.90 because we want to hover near average desired output speed. By just choosing 0.93 we get close ...


There are multiple things going on here. Your question indicates you have a variable input speed but want a constant output speed. The answer to this on its own would be a continuously variable transmission with a controller that sets the ratio according to the output speed. Any version that has a controllable ratio could be hooked to a simple pid ...


To my understanding the Hartnell governor is a variation that might be applicable to your needs. Figure : HArtnell Governor source mechoholic Essentially it moves the sleeve against a compression spring (instead of gravity), so - at least in theory - you could turn it upside down.


Not sure if this exists off the shelf, but what if you installed in line with the spinning gear a device with two weights held in place by springs, which would move outward if the centrifugal force became too high? I believe they also have devices that will declutch the engine if a speed is exceeded, but not sure that is a desired behavior. (https://i.stack....

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