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The U.S. National Renewable Energy Lab did a study of solar installations in the U.S. in 2013 and determined that for large-scale solar PV systems, 7.9 acres (31,970 $m^2$) of land are required on average for 1 $MW_{ac}$ of power capacity (from Table ES-1). This is based on analysis of 72% of existing installations in the country, so this is a good real-...


TIR: Thermal infrared (longwave) transmittance of the glazing layer. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has a windows program called THERM 6.3 / WINDOW 6.3 NFRC Simulation. In pp 55 of this manual, there is a table referencing some properties of the glazing, including this. here is the Therm 6.3 prog dowmload.


So you need a tank with a solar coil at the bottom and a mid coil for the pellet stove to add heat. Decent tank manufacturers can do this, but you have to tell the tank manufacturer about the recovery time etc I am not going to do a range of diagrams on how solar panels can be used with a boiler - too many options single tank, two tanks, solar tank feeds on ...


It is physically impossible to wire anything in series and parallel at the same time. It is possible to arrange a set of connectors which will allow one to choose whether the components are in series or parallel but this is a different thing. Your homework is to draw the circuit diagram for a pair of components that are in series, and then add the wires ...


There are a lot of things that can go wrong here, and for a small system, the expense is probably not worth the risk. The primary coolant loops for the hydronic pellet stove and the solar collector are totally isolated and neither should go to the domestic water tank. If you buy a hydronic pellet stove, get one with the domestic HWH exchanger installed in ...


I suggest this setup: Pellet stove directly heats buffer tank, radiators are directly supplied from buffer tank solar panel indirectly heats buffer tank (heating coils low in the tank) - you'll probably want a glycol-water mix for frost safety water tank is indirectly heated from buffer tank. radiator heated from buffer tank To make the above a bit clearer,...


Without seeing the inverter, if the maker provides 3 separate pv- then I would keep them separate. If they could be joined together, then the maker would have done so.

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