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Why do monocrystalline solar cells have rounded/cropped edges?

the monocrystalline cells are thinly sliced off cylindrically-grown single crystals that look like logs. Each wafer thus produced is hence a circular disc. To make the resulting solar cell function ...
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How feasible is it to build a benchtop semiconductor protoyping fabrication set up?

This question about garage microelectronics is asked quite frequently. Normal microelectronics is not just photolithography as some people think and cannot fit onto desktop, not many universities in ...
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So even though the raw materials of semiconductors are cheap why is their cost so high and why don't we use conductor for the same job?

The raw material for a semiconductor may only be sand. But sand is an insulator. It has to be processed into ultra-pure silicon. The sizes of features in a modern semiconductor are measured in ...
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Why do monocrystalline solar cells have rounded/cropped edges?

This question might be a bit old, but I think it is not too late to share knowledge to the world. You might be a bit confused by the first answer, but here I got some visual illustrations and ...
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P-N junction depletion region

Protons are not the positive carriers, holes are. In a P-N junction, you have donor impurities on the n-side and acceptor impurities on the p-side. Acceptor impurities will produce holes, since they ...
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Why do transport containers for wafers open clockwise?

Normally all lids are provided with right-hand thread. In those cases where a layman could accidentally turn the lid on, left-hand thread is used to prevent this. An example are threaded connections ...
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