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How to install multiple pop rivets

For large production runs, the base metal may be punched, stamped, laser cut, water jet, etc but for a DIY project, drilling is going to be your best bet. 'Match-drilling' is best, where you drill ...
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What's the difference between structural pop rivets, and non structural?

PopRivets (tm) are a simple example of non-structural rivets. When assembled the steel core breaks off leaving a hollow rivet. These cannot be considered to be structural since the forces needed to ...
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What's the difference between structural pop rivets, and non structural?

Pop Rivets are a fastener composed of two portions: the mandrel and the hat. To install a pop rivet a hole is drilled into the materials, and then the hat is placed into the hole. A rivet installation ...
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Aluminum rivet used to join stainless steel and aluminum sheet

It depends on the rivet's toughness and the thickness of the sheets. Either the stainless steel will cut the rivet, or the rivet will cut a slot in the aluminium. The use of rivet or any other fastner ...
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What type of rivet is this?

It was hit with a cross-shaped punch to get that side or head to expand. Usually done with a single blow for speed and low cost. Other choices can be nuts and bolts with nylock nuts so they don’t come ...
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What type of fastener / rivet is this please?

Generically called barrel bolts or structural panel fasteners.
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Aluminum vs Steel rivets/fasteners in a high vibration environment

Steel is better than stainless steel, with the same kind of aluminum being even better; as far as corrosion is concerned. The difference between steel and stainless for strength won't matter as much ...
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Aluminum for an Ejection Seat Replica

As an aside, if you want to bend and play with it. Here's a tip. Get a pot of soap, a gas blow torch and sit by a bath. Smear the part with soap. Heat with the blow torch until the soap turns black, ...
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