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How can dross/slag formation be reduced during aluminum recycling?

The dross is mostly composed of aluminium oxide which is already present on the surface of the metal before it even goes into the furnace, as the aluminium melts the oxides separate and float to the ...
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How can the alloying materials of recycled steels be separated?

First the scrap is separated at the source ; for example cast iron generally only contains Si and Mn. High vapor pressure elements boil off or collected in the flux/slag : eg, Zn, Pb, Sn, Bi, An ,,,,...
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Industrial recycling of mirrors

The weight of aluminum is very small compared to the weight of glass , presumably primarily silicate . And aluminum oxide mixes very well with silicates so there is no reason to separate them . They ...
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Is it better to throw used domestic cooking oil in toilet or within the garbage?

Option 4: Put it in the container, leave it on your doorstep and offer it for free on craigslist. You will likely find someone that regularly needs it and you can just email/text message them any time ...
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Why can't we dispose of plastic waste in decommissioned oil wells?

On the technical side, there are a number of issues. Each site will have unique issues in terms of length of the return "duct", overall gradient and gradient changes along the "duct&...
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Why do rare-earth permanent magnets need to be recycled instead of just reused?

Aren't we still using Ne2Fe14B, the same formulation as before? There are different grades of the material. They also corrode which is another difficulty. This is why they are plated which just ...
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Will specific fillers or chemicals make simple plastic milk cartons more durable, enough to be used as weightlifting plates

So if I understand what you want to do correctly, your plan is to melt down bicycle tires, melt down milk cartons, and then combine those two with some third thing, and create a new product. Your ...
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Copper recycling process

There are quite a few ways I've seen this happen. The lowest tech way (and least environmentally friendly) is burning the insulation off like they do in 3rd world countries, up to slicing/crushing the ...
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