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Is there a relation between porosity and PPI density in porous media?

The answer is system specific. That is, unless you know something else about the structure of your porous material, there is no clear relation between pore density and pore size. A simplified 2D ...
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Small building basement foundation moisture: permeable vs impermeable

You are missing seepage with humidity. Seepage is the infiltration of water into the living space (basement) and makes the space wet or moist. It does cause concern about humidity, but seepage alone ...
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Up flow vs down flow through a porous fixed bed

With gravity assisted flow, you have a higher potential of channel flow through the media, so sections of your plant packing won't be wetted by the solvent. Making sure you have the optimal flow ...
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How to force creating a conformal mesh interface between zones in Fluent?

I found the issue addressed in Fluent user guide: Parts are groups or collections of bodies. Parts can include multiple bodies and are then referred to as multibody parts. If your geometry contains ...
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