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Gearboxes are very convenient to integrate with stepper motors, and sounds like the most likely solution by far. Just for completeness, some other options are: Don't know if this counts, but something fairly common that is a gear, but not a "standard NEMA-xx gearbox", would be a worm gear. Timing belt with the appropriate reduction. The belts have ...


Actually if you want to keep accuracy and increase the torque you can use a gearbox that reduces the input Rpm. So you will be Sacrificing the speed for the increased torque and precision. Its also linear so if you need to go from 200gr to a kg you need a great ratio of. 5. If you had to go higher than 10 then the forces would be significant and you'd need ...


A Squirrel Cage Induction Motor (SCIM) is an asynchronous machine. As in the frequency and poles determines synchronous speed and the SCIM rotates at a slightly slower speed to produce torque. $$n_S = \frac {120 f}{p} = \frac {120 \times 60Hz}{6} = 1,200 rpm$$ Synchronous speed is 1,200 rpm, but motor speed depends on load torque. If the slip is 5%, motor ...


I have finally completed the starter mechanism for the RC engine (not the one in the picture, but a vertex .18 engine). I can add another anecdotal evidence, that the engine turns counter clock wise (seen from the front/output shaft). I could not get it started when using a clock wise starter.

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