Figure 1. A scroll compressor. Image credit: Cacycle.


If the screws look like a pair of thick and long interlocking archimedes screws, then the device is called a rotary screw compressor. You can think of it as a special case of a roots blower, where the interlocking lobes on the lobe shafts possess a spiral twist. By making the lobe depth progressively shallower along the length of the screws, the working ...


Some threaded inserts have flanged faces for a few reasons, one being that if you press the flange flush to the surface around the hole you're tapped hole will be relatively perpendicular. These can just be hammered in. Others, typically "self-clinching", are installed with arbor presses and some degree of attention by the operator to maintain ...


The methods available to a hobbyist are akin to that of the production world, in that one needs only a controlled heated implement traveling in a restricted manner. A drill press with a long bolt threaded to match the insert provides such restrictions. Heat can be applied to the insert and the quill lowered into the part, which is secured appropriately to ...


Rotary screw and scroll , neither uses centrifugal force. Sullair Co. makes both and other types of compressors . Their website should have more information.

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