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Questions related to lasers, laser-based systems or devices, and their applications.

Laser, which stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, is a device that typically produces a well-defined narrow beam of light. Usually it is monochromatic, or single-colour, i.e. its radiation encompasses a very narrow spectral range. Lasers can be ultraviolet, visible and infrared, as well as continuous or pulsed.

Most common lasers are based in a semiconductor diode, but there are also gas-, liquid-, fibre- and solid-state lasers.

Lasers are used in a vast variety of applications nowadays, including:

  • telecommunication
  • surgery
  • remote sensing
  • measuring distances
  • data storage
  • entertainment
  • metal welding and cutting
  • research
  • security
  • laser pointers
  • and many more