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Would it be possible to harness the energy flow from a continuous water system?

Perpetual motion machines never work, however hard you try. You can't get more energy out of the water flowing down than you spent pumping it up in the first place. You could keep the machine going ...
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"reversing pump" in closed water circuit, can water pumped reach further than wave length?

Yes, the pressure wave will propagate at approximately 1500 m/s, reach everywhere, and come back, interfering with itself, unless there is a damper in the piping like a shock absorber. Let's say your ...
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Can saline water be used in a hydro storage system and would the ambient temperature or higher liquid viscosity affect performance?

NOT a hydroelectric engineer, but I have spent a lot of years developing fluid systems using saline and related liquids. To answer the basic question: yes saline works for hydro storage systems. But ...
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Any scientific research papers on electromagnetic active valves using variable viscosity electromagnetic fluids?

Yes magnetorheological dampers (MRDs) are practical and available on cars today. I get about a zillion google hits on them An overview is here
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How do water tunnel experiments compare to wind tunnel experiments?

TL;DR Your calculations are correct. As stated by [1], "In flow situations that are insensitive to Reynolds number, or where a test Reynolds number is close to that of a full-size vehicle, water ...
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