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Will this pulley system work?

Yes. If the motor moves to the right by distance $x$ then the inner left pulley most move the same distance. This will increase the length of the fixed end by $x$ and the length of the top left ...
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Friction force between two wheels at constant rpm

which would result in the piece of paper experiencing a force with magnitude of 2Ff in the opposite direciton of 2Ff. It doesn't. I remember having this confusion too. Remember about internal ...
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How does the mechanics of left-handed scissors differ from right-handed/standard scissors?

Scissors operate on the principle of "shearing" action. The slight curvature on the blades means that the point of shearing is where the edges intersect. For a good cutting experience the ...
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Self Locking Brake Question

The moment imparts horizontal force F at the contact with the brake. $$F=M/R=M/1=M$$ This force requires a friction horizontal force in the opposite direction to lock the wheel. Let's call the angle ...
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Why is friction problematic on small mechanisms with multiple parts?

Here is an example of what I think they mean. Air has "friction" in the form of viscosity. An airliner can slice effortlessly through air against the retarding force of viscosity at a speed ...
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