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Do curves and bends in an airduct (or airpipe) influence the energy that can be captured from that airflow?

Bends and other changes of direction in airways cause shock losses. The more numerous the number of bends and the tighter the change of direction, the greater the shock loss, with each change. When ...
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Solve an Air Conditioning condensate drain problem

This is described in most air handler installation docs. You need a trap with an air space above it. https://mepacademy.com/ac-condensate-drain-sizing-and-layout/ shows this well.
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Can ocean flows after a crashing wave be accumulated in one point to increase the water height of that location?

Yes water will go higher than the average height of the wave. Imagine an infintisimally small droplet hit the wall with an angle $\theta$. it reflects with an angle $2\theta$ with respect to the main ...
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