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What should be the sample frequency to test the response of a filter?

2 times is the minimal sampling rate to ensure the signal can be possibly measured. This is called the Nyquist frequency. It shows that if your sampling rate is twice the frequency of the signal, you ...
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Difference between Hysteresis, low pass filter and deadband in control theory?

No, or at least not as they are generally used and understood. Hysteresis is a nonlinear phenomenon where a variable trending in one direction tends to "pull" another variable along with it, and that ...
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PT1 Filter without Derivative

The equation being used in code is a discrete-time implementation of the filter. The second equation you gave is a continuous-time expression of the filter dynamics. In order to create a discrete-time ...
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What is a Butterworth filter?

This.... this is the content of most of a semester on digital signal processing. You said, "I found [a book on signal processing], but it is a book of 700 pages with plenty of math." Well, yes. ...
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What is the output of a signal in time domain that passed through a High Pass Filter with simple transfer function

What you need to do is use Laplace transform to $U(t)$ so you would get $\mathcal{L}(U(t))=U(s)$ for example, if you are rusty on Laplace transforms (or their inverse), you can use wolfram alpha ...
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AC voltage b/w DC power supply o/p and Ground

Based on the technical data there should not be a 70-80V AC signal in the output terminal. Either you are measuring incorrectly, a wiring issue, grounding issue or defective device. Per the ...
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Filtering Long-duration Signal

First, I'm assuming that by "moving window", you mean breaking the signal up into smaller chunks and filtering each chunk separately. In the signal processing word, "moving window" would often mean ...
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What is tonal masking?

Tonal masking is using tones at specific frequencies for sound masking, as compared with using noise containing a continuous band of frequencies. In most practical situations noise is more effective ...
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how to filter model-free observations (e.g. Kalman filter)

The Kalman-filter is an observer, predicting the next system state based on an initial value. That prediction needs to be made based on some kind of model. The closest solution that I can come up ...
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What is a Butterworth filter?

Use a filter as a noise gate. Your signal or data with it phase reversed will drive the filter the filter in turn drives a vca. The original signal is being passed through the filter proper. Then you ...
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