Use this tag for questions about engineering education, including but not limited to curriculum, accreditation programs, mentoring programs and educational internships. Do not request individual academic guidance.

Do not ask about individual academic guidance.

This tag is mainly for questions about engineering pedagogy:

the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept

For example, one of the first questions on the site asks about designing a small wind turbine for use in a classroom environment. Though it was tagged , this question is mainly concerned with choosing a turbine blade diameter given simple, specific technical constraints. It would make just as much sense (and be as answerable) without knowing the context.

Another question from the same user asks how to demonstrate an ancient method of measuring the radius of the Earth. In this case, although the question is technical, its constraints are much more closely tied to the educational context. Some knowledge of what is practical to perform with students, and how students learn best, could be required to write a good answer here, so the tag is appropriate.

Academic Guidance

Questions asking for academic guidance are covered in this discussion on Meta:

An academic guidance question can be considered a question that inquires about the study of the various engineering fields as it relates to a specific person's academic and professional career. Prime examples are those that ask about a choice of institutions, degrees, courses, or topics of study.

Academic guidance questions are considered off-topic here because:

  1. They can and should be answered individually by someone whose job it is to advise students.
  2. Guidance will vary, and the decision of which guidance to follow is a personal one.
  3. Answering these questions on Engineering SE would be counter-productive for both the student and the site.