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tl;dr - add the fillets at the end. Step 1: Revolve. This should also include the R10 'lump' on the central axis. Step 2: Define the Elipse Taper. It's stated that the thickness is 11mm and 9.5mm respectively at each end of the spoke. I don't want to start this spoke at the surface of the hub as then my loft would need extending in order to fully intersect ...


I would start from 3, ie. draw the ribs. To do that I would first take the right plane. I would create an ellipse, and then I would extrude from the surface of the central hub to the external ring surface. Then I would copy the rib around the axis of the wheel at 360/5= 72 degrees. After that I would proceed to steps 1 and 2. I.e. I would select the ...


Reading this in isometric view is quite hard, I think it is better to visualize this in top, side, with cross-section view. Anyway: For the R10, I think I would try to make a plane (illustrated with black line) and create an orthogonal plane to both these plane to make a rail line and have the sketch lofted. However, it is hard to read on where the R10 ...


I suggest first completing your section view to include the details of the rib and the center hub, then try the 3D view again.

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