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Will pressurizing container slow moisture permeation?

Consider the hard drives of yester-year and more recent. They had a hole for pressure equalization (to control the bulging of pivot fix-points) with a patch of Gortex(R) covering the hole to control ...
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What is the difference between a diffuser and a duct in turbines?

A definition of a diffuser is: "The (divergent) diffuser is a duct so shaped that the fluid flowing through it decelerates, the pressure increasing from inlet to outlet." This is from Engineering ...
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Derivation of Overall Mass Transfer Coefficient

Regarding $k_p$: So, you've got $N_1$ a flux in $mol/ s \cdot m^2 $ and a partial pressures $p_i$ in $Pa$. $k_p$ has got to connect those, and make the units work out. Exactly what $k_p$ is depends ...
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P-N junction depletion region

Protons are not the positive carriers, holes are. In a P-N junction, you have donor impurities on the n-side and acceptor impurities on the p-side. Acceptor impurities will produce holes, since they ...
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Diffusion of miscible fluids

if the refractive indices of the two fluids are different, you may be able to use a diffractometer to measure the extent of the diffusion.
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Derivation of Overall Mass Transfer Coefficient

Convert both the pressure and concentration terms as mole fractions. Now you have y for gas phase mole fraction and x for liquid phase mole fraction. Henry's law is taken as am equilibrium relation in ...
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