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An op-amp operates as an amplifier when the op-amp powered at a voltage between -ve saturation and +ve saturation. This region is called the linear region. When the op amp is saturated then there is no gain. The gain is flat at 0. Hope the following graph will answer your question. Reference: Why Does Op-Amp Output Voltage Always Saturate (in a Non-...


I would see what variable resistors were available and using those ranges do a spreadsheet to calculate results of cycling through the resistor range with known values for L and C. Then you can decide input voltage etc - will they be able to touch it? Safety?? 12V or 120V or 1200V?


My understanding is that when you have a circuit with that's connect to a battery they has to be some resistor in the circuit of some kind to ensure the current on the wire is small enough to power the device (e.g a bulb). The bulb is the resistor! The power supply (battery) will provide the power the load requires subject to the battery's capability limits....


A shot of one of my many power "bricks:" I suspect that you're seeing a typographical error that should have never made it through to production.

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