depending on the type of non linear analysis you used, then conceptually the analysis takes the following steps (again depending on the type on analysis you use): An iterative process starts: A small increment of the load $\Delta F$ is applied (typically a percentage between 1% and 10%) For those small load increments the displacements $\delta_i$ are ...


A "bonded contact" is presumably the same as welding the parts together. Presumably, the material also has non-zero Poisson's ratio. A friction coefficient of 0.01 will allow the ends of the pin to expand radially as it is compressed. The small but non-zero friction coefficient will stop the compressed pin from being perfectly cylindrical as it ...


Compute the wave velocity in a 3.05-m-diameter steel penstock having a wall thickness of 25 mm if it: i. is embedded in a concrete dam; ii. is anchored at the upstream end; and iii. has expansion joints throughout its length.

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