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Should we use exhaust fans during wildfire smoke?

If the smokes are near and dense. You should disconnect the electricity and leave your house. You should not use any ventilation as it may cause soot and dangerous airborne pollutants recirculated. ...
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Applications of CO$_2$ sensors

I was looking for co2 sensor for quite some time. Nothing cheap so far. Im interested in it for my room, to know when ventilation is needed. I see this as a main demand niche. 300-3000 ppm. Price ...
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Is this an isenthalpic process?

Let us presume that the process being considered is vaporization of liquid water to a gas state in dry air. As long as the temperature and pressure of the liquid water is constant during the process, ...
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Should we use exhaust fans during wildfire smoke?

If there is smoke or toxic gas in the air outside your house do not use the exhaust fans. If possible cover the fans to prevent air entering the house via the holes occupied by the fans. An exhaust ...
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HVAC Bag Filter Backwash

There's nothing stopping you from doing a reverse air flow cleaning system. I think the type of particulate and filter media type would determine how well it would work. I would think the problem is ...
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HVAC Bag Filter Backwash

Ignoring the concept that "backwashing" a filter as exhaust effectively negates the value and purpose of having filters, consider instead of a constantly clogging filter system, one that separates the ...
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What is the shelf life of HEPA filters?

Air filters are made of fibrous material (paper typically) that is basically inert. There is no reason that storing it in a cool, dry place would cause it to expire. The HEPA designation has more to ...
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EU EN standard 1822 vs US HEPA filters

(Partial answer) it does look like the efficiency depends convexly on particle size, and has a minimum at MPPS (most penetrating particle size); So that could explain the difference in standards. ...
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