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Structural analysis is the determination of the effects of loads on physical structures and their components. Structures subject to this type of analysis include all that must withstand loads, such as buildings, bridges, vehicles, furniture, soil strata, prostheses and biological tissue.

Aluminum columns usually fail under buckling when their slenderness ratio is greater than 99. using the formula K= L/r, where L is the free factored length and r is the radius of gyration. $r=(I/A)^{0 …
answered Aug 19 by kamran
Assuming the aluminum pole is attached to the mast at 90 degree angle with ropes attached to the end of the mast and front stay, we have a triangle of approximately 60 ft base and 18 ft height. The ve …
answered Oct 12 '18 by kamran
Because by convention they have set clockwise moment as positive. We are taking moments so we consider the sign of the direction of the rotation not the load. Inspecting line you have highlighted: th …
answered Dec 5 by kamran
I'd check for a maximum overturning moment which will cause yield stress at the base of the member where it is attached to a base plate or enters the foundation as a flag pole, of course with any requ …
answered Mar 25 '17 by kamran
Those lines in your diagrams are normal to the equal stress contour planes in the section. let's say in your top left diagram the area to the left is A and to the right is A/2, and the section is und …
answered Mar 23 by kamran
It depends on how the plate is supported for example if it is supported on two edges like a one-way slab or four edges, and these edges are simply supported or can take moment, or the plate supported …
answered Dec 28 '18 by kamran
I just assume your calculations are correct up to just the bending moment strength of aluminum tube. $$ \sigma_x= \frac{M}{S} $$ $$ S_{alum\ tube}= \frac{\pi*(D^4-d^4)}{32D}= \frac{\pi*(1-0.7724)}{3 …
answered May 26 by kamran
If you add hinge to center post you are still going to have loads carried by the center post. The only way to isolate the center post from any load on the lateral posts is to have the 2 side post-beam …
answered Jul 26 '16 by kamran
A beam could move in 3 axis x,y,z and bend in 3 axis and rotate along the x axis (torsion) . In all and every one of these cases the support can act in a variety of ways, allow free movement, allow no …
answered Aug 2 '16 by kamran
Let's call the mass of weight W and the mass of base B, the arm length extending outside of the base, L and the base width D. Let's assume 3/4 of mass of horizontal arm called A1 is outside of the b …
answered Jul 22 by kamran
Yes a portal frame with at least one fixed (moment bearing) joint on top can be stable. Portal frames with pin joints at the base could theoretically bear moment, provided they have fixed joints on t …
answered Nov 28 '18 by kamran
The stress is the superposition of two stresses: tensile due to bending moment and tensile due to 200kN tension. $$ \sigma_{bending}= m/S =\frac{1kN.1m}{(50\times 100^2)/6} =6kN.1000mm/500000mm^2 =600 …
answered Oct 11 '18 by kamran
if you add a fold you disrupt the flow of shear force which is acting in a rotating pattern all around the web, and make it weaker actually. because you are encouraging it to warp. However if you jus …
answered Apr 13 by kamran
your calculations of reaction forces $F_A\ and\ F_B \ $ are wrong. This beam is indeterminate and you are handling it as a simply supported determinate beam. One way of finding the fixed end reactio …
answered Jul 2 by kamran
Your FBD is correct if we assume the legs are on a roller or the floor is very slippery and or if your table legs have received a few jerks enough to slide open to a relaxed position releasing the fri …
answered Sep 23 '18 by kamran

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