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Technical Analysis to determine optimal Cellular to transmitter location

At a very high level what are required technical analysis to determine the need to for a new 4G LTE cellular transmitter in US? find find the optimal location for the transmitter in US? Back Story: ...
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How to measure transmit power level from LTE base station?

Can someone tell me what type of equipment is used to measure RF power levels transmitted by a cellular LTE base station? I would like to gain some insight into how the follow data was obtained. ...
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9 votes
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What is the difference between Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth BR/EDR in Park mode?

It is known that Bluetooth Low Energy transmits data only during short time intervals called Connection Events. Connection events occur regullary with predefined period. The rest of the time Bluetooth ...
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Why do bluetooth headsets get interference (choppy sound quality) outdoors?

This is more of a general physics question to help me understand how to choose sports headsets in the future, however it is too specific to a certain use case (bluetooth headset) to belong in the ...
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