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High Temperature Conductive Wire (2000 degrees F)

I'm trying to find a wire that I can heat to 2000 degrees F in standard atmosphere without turning into a pile of dust. And then, once cooled to room temperature, have it carry current (24V and 1A) ...
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Is there such a thing as high temp magnet wire?

I understand that magnet wire is enamel coated, which can tolerate temperatures up to approximately 250 °C. Is there any other insulated wire that can be tightly wound into (1 inch diameter) coils ...
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How to connect / branch two metal wire cables at 90degree angle

I have a 1mm thick wire cable that's 200cm long. Using the same cable, at 10cm intervals, I have to branch / tee off at 90degree angles. Some sort of tee crimp / ferrule comes to mind as a last report,...
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Lead Cladding on Telephony (landline) copper cables. Any other early industrializers with this problem?

A recent environmental hazard has just been uncovered this past week by the Wall Street Journal: "America Is Wrapped in Miles of Toxic Lead Cables"
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Slip ring mounts

I am trying to research slip rings and their mounting options in order to design a BOM for a project that requires it. Since I am still in the early design stage, I haven't chosen a type of motor, but ...
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Can one connect Starlink router with the Mesh via ethernet cable?

I know that with the Starlink ethernet adapter one can connect to the router or mesh with the ethernet cable. My question is: is it possible to connect Starlink router with the Starlink mesh via ...
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How to manage real-world too-long data cables?

Answers to a recent question about a homemade USB cable mention that USB and other data (Thunderbolt, VGA, and HDMI) cables should not be coiled. So what is the proper method to manage long cables ...
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Extending USB cable makes it not work

I have a camera that uses a USB cable to connect to my computer. I want to extend the cable from 3ft to about 6ft. Originally I just created my own cable, soldering 4 26AWG wires to a blank USB ...
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What would "wired houses" refer to in 1928?

I read this today: Variety (November 21, 1928) wrote: "Not the first animated cartoon to be synchronized with sound effects, but the first to attract favorable attention. This one represents a ...
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Minimum drum wall thickness when rope wrapped around it

I need to design a hollow drum that holds steel wire rope under tension. The wire rope gets pulled from both ends with a force of 200kN, it is wrapped around the drum 5 times. The outer diameter needs ...
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How to model robotic wires behavior in solidworks

I'm trying to create a block or anything else in soildworks that I can move and see the compression of the lower wire further from the arm Something like this The example show just one joint but I ...
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What is the white fiber in the copper wire of headphones?

I got a pair of in-ear headphones, broke the left earphone, bought another set, broke the right earphone, and joined the leftovers of both. I found white, grey, or beige fibers near the copper of the ...
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Is there well known equation (formula) to calculate maximum practical current which copper wire of fixed diameter can handle

I found many online calculators or tables which can give maximum current for the wire. Like 1 mm diameter can handle up to 10 Amperes, 2 mm diameter wire can handle up to 30 Amperes, etc. Is there ...
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What is the less ductile and thinnest wire material?

I'm looking for a very very thin wire that does not bend easily. Which kind of material should I look for? The thinnest the wire the better but copper can be found in a very thin format (0.01mm) but ...
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How can thin wire in generator windings carry the high output current?

I observed the rebuilding of a 12KW, 120V gas-powered generator. I was amazed at how small the generator portion was (roughly the size of an electric motor you might find in a major home appliance). ...
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What's the difference between thermocouple grade and extension grade wire?

We got a bunch of yellow thermocouple wire which the Omega web site says is type K extension grade wire. They also sell thermocouple grade wire which looks to be brown. What's the difference? I ...
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