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Should a house wall be perpendicular to the direction of a strong wind carrying rain water?

I am building a perfectly squared single-storey house (10m x 10m). To have the best output from the solar panels, which should face South as straight as possible, the external South facing wall of the ...
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Wind Load on conical structure

Is there a way to calculate the wind load acting on this conical cylinder? The wind pressure blowing through the hollow conical cylinder is at 30 bar. The conical cylinder is tilted at 10 degree ...
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Should I pursue airfoils with higher or lower peaks (I am doing wind power in science olympiad and am designing a mini wind turbine)?

I am a beginner in wind power, but I know the basics. The Bernoulli effect: Air travelling over the curved edge travels more distance over the same amount of time than the straight side. Due to this, ...
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Can High Wind Speed break Laminated Glass and bend Steel Pipes?

Planning on using Steel Pipes as frames for holding laminated glass in a high wind area. Four sides will be covered by glass and the roofing will be also be covered with glass. Planning on using a ...
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How are a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine's blades joined to the hub, allowing them to rotate?

I know its a basic question for this site. But I couldn't find the answer on google so I beseech thee.
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How to calculate wind impact to DIY solar panel array frame?

I'm trying to figure out the calculation for amount of force against the poles/ground I have going up out of the ground, to hold an array of 3 solar panels (9ft by 5ft combined roughly), where each ...
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Which line to use for interpolation in Vaulted Roofs for zone A (EN1991-1-4 / Figure 7.11)

I need to design a vaulted roof under wind loads and need to determine the pressure coefficients for zones A, B and C. My problem is with zone A where I need to interpolate values for the case h/d<...
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Estimating yaw torque and power of HAWTs

I am trying to estimate the amount of torque and power required to rotate a 3 bladed Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) about a vertical axis("yaw" motion). I would like to estimate the ...
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How strong will this sail pull up?

I am building this ground-mounted solar panel sail: It will sit on twelve 150 mm timber piles. There are 20 panels 1755×1038 mm, 20 kg each, with 17 mm gaps between them, sitting at 69°. The total ...
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Wind load distribution on a sawtooth steel roof

I have a steel structure (see picture below) and its roof is a type of sawtooth roof. The plain/flat part is from glass and the inclined surfaces are some kind of pergolas, but I prefer them to be ...
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How do 3 blade turbines come so close to the Betz Limit?

I have seen many diagrams (see attached) that indicate that modern 3 blade turbines are nearly 50% efficient, which is about 80% of the Betz limit. Betz calculated his limit based on a theoretical ...
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Wind turbines are plastic. How does that "work"? [closed]

You're basically replacing oil with oil in plastic form. Where is the gain? Ok so we got this reply. Not sure if you're trolling but the point is that the windmill makes power as long as it exists ...
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Can I dismiss wind loads for this solar panel configuration?

I asked this question before in the Physics Stack Exchange, but it was closed because it was considered being about engineering. That is why I am asking it here. I am planning to install some solar ...
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What size feet for this wind-protection panel?

I need to create a series of free-standing perspex panels to add height to an existing fence for wind-proofing purposes. My idea is that each panel would be fixed to two supporting poles that are ...
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How is any kind of structural reliability achieved if the probability of annual wind speed exceedance is 0.02?

Above is the definition of fundamental basic wind velocity from Eurocode 1. According to its instructions, wind loads on building are supposed to be calculated based on this velocity. It says that ...
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